Chickens, Chickens, Everywhere!

Our family could probably be the poster child for many things, and Murphy’s Law would be a top contender.  Hubby volunteered to take some newly hatched chicks from 4-H and add them to our brood of chickens.  He was told to expect about 25 baby chicks.

Meet our soft and furry new chicks!  All 91 of them!

After a couple of weeks in hubby’s basement office, these innocent-looking little creatures succeeded in claiming the space as theirs.  They went so far as to taunt us as they roamed around the office, despite the cardboard walls we put around their pen so they couldn’t jump out.  Our earnest attempts to put them back in their pen was matched only by their proud defiance.  It was simply a  matter of time before we would find our furry friends pecking on the computer keyboard sending out e-mails and setting up a Facebook account.

We made the jaunt up to the acreage today to give the chicks a more suitable home.  They are definitely much happier.  And we are too.

The chickens feast on surplus tomatoes from our friend Laura

Even in this short experience with our menagerie of birds (chickens, ducks, guineas, and geese), we are amazed to take in what animals teach us about ourselves–so many lessons, so much to ponder.  And since we’re newbies to this way of life, we’ll be learning for very long time!

Our newly adopted geese (from Grandpa)


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