Thanksgiving Every Day

We are abundantly blessed.  The act of thanksgiving just can’t be contained within a single day. Throughout the year, we often reflect on the multitude of graces that God has given us.  One day’s events may bring to mind the blessing of good health, another day it may be a warm house.  Being conscious of these gifts keep us grateful, humble, and faithful.

Today, we are grateful for the gift of Tradition:  a family ritual of spending Thanksgiving at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.  There are a few years here and there when another family member hosts Thanksgiving dinner, but most often, we head to Grandma and Grandpa’s. 

Somehow, our oldest son has formed the idea that eating a Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant would be a sad way to spend the holiday.  He can’t understand why anyone would want to do that (maybe because he’s never had to help with the dishes after a grand feast).  This brought to mind the wonderful tradition we have of celebrating Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s:  the house warmly decorated with Fall colors, both of them bustling about in the kithen, the beautiful table setting, the savory fragrance of the awaiting meal, the family gathered for prayer and thanksgiving, and a delicious meal made with love.   

This year we were especially grateful.  Grandma and Grandpa just returned from California for a memorial service over the weekend , then Grandma had knee surgery on Tuesday.  Yet, she still wanted to have Thanksgiving at her house. 

We didn’t get any pictures of either grandparent this Thanksgiving.  With Grandma recuperating, neither she nor Grandpa were dressed for the camera.  But the camera can’t capture love like the heart can.  Their gestures of  love find a home in our hearts and add to the many fond memories we have as a family.  We learn from the way they give of themselves. And our gratitude for Tradition on this day is that much greater. 


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