Turning a Page

Before we moved into our house seven years ago, we did a major remodel to it. We started out with modest intentions, but those initial plans got away from us as we rationalized that we hoped to have lots of kids and that this would be our last move. We live on a cul de sac is in a quiet neighborhood that adjoins a park.  It’s also walking distance to the school, minutes from the interstate, and when we first moved in, there were 13 kids (10 boys, including the three we had at the time) within the circle of houses.  It was suburban living at its best!  Why would we ever move?

Well, the movers will be here tomorrow.  We city-folk are going to try our hand at country life.  It will be a major lifestyle change.  How our family of 8 will fare moving from a house with 5,550 square feet to one with 1,425 remains to be seen. We won’t have as much space inside our home, but we will have plenty of open space outside to roam, play, run, explore, plant, and breathe.

How we got to this point is a story for another time.  In the meantime, we’re really looking forward to living more closely with nature and trying to live more simply.

Gotta get back to sorting, packing, and tossing.  We won’t be taking much, and that feels very good!


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