on blogging

I love engaging in a good discussion.  Connecting through eye contact, body language, and the occasional interjections like  “Oh my!”, “Really?”, “Seriously?” and the like, all make for great conversation.  But I’m still trying to get my bearings with this whole blogging thing.  Blogging readily allows us to share thoughts and ideas,  to use writing as a creative outlet, and to record memories through journal posts and pictures.

Yet, there’s the other side too.  I feel a subtle pressure to post regular entries even though I may not have the time or the inspiration to say much.  But if I post too many entries, or if my entries are too long, I feel like I’m “talking” too much.  Blogging is one-way communication, and I’m not too keen on that part.  Like the pants that make my rear end look too big, I surely wouldn’t want this blog to  make my mouth look unusually large either.  Without the visual and verbal cues we get from communicating face-to-face, a blogger could potentially be boring a large audience of people and using up precious band-width space.

There can also be a fine line between reading a blog post and those Christmas letters that many are receiving this time of year. (Don’t get me wrong.  I actually like receiving Christmas letters, but it’s the ones bordering on boastful and/or cheesy that give all Christmas letters a bad name.)

Am I overthinking the whole thing?

In a nutshell, I just don’t want our family blog to be a dreaded Christmas letter-of-sorts clogging up the internet.

And now look…I’ve talked way too much and put everyone to sleep.

Yep, I certainly need some help with blogging.


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