The Joy of Christmas

Each year, Christmas preparations become even more enjoyable. Our oldest had a very short wish list again this year which helped to simplify our shopping and sets a nice example for the younger ones. Taking the focus off of presents is slowly being realized.  The Love brought by the Christ Child is palpable.  As our family develops a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, we’re all able to better focus on the truly important aspects of the season.

Since we’re not quite settled from the move, a lot of our traditions like the Jesse tree and reading a chapter each night from an Advent storybook were on hold.  But there’s  a nice feeling in knowing that along the way, we’ve actually developed family traditions that the boys have come to expect this time of year. We did, however, make pizzas on Christmas Eve, a decidedly new family tradition, and began the meal with our older tradition of Oplatki, which incorporates my husband’s Polish and Czech heritage.

In our cozy living quarters, we’ve spent much more time in physical proximity to one another.   That alone has made for a special Season.  Hopefully, the family unity that is developing will continue to grow each day.

more stockings for Grandma & Grandpa

apricot jam from our summer harvest–add a dozen farm fresh eggs in a Christmas basket for a country gift for friends and neighbors

beautiful view on the way to visit friends

highlight of a country drive

Twas the night before Christmas…

beautiful manger scene at our church

The Lord’s House at Christmas…the best place to be!


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