Waste Not, Want Not

One of my husband’s pet peeves is wasting food.  Hence, I find myself more and more bothered by it as well.  We make a concerted effort to remind our kids not to waste.  The rule at our house is that if they put it on their plate, they are obliged to eat it.  It usually makes them think  a little more when deciding portion size.  Inevitably, however, there are still scraps of food here and there, or leftover containers that are pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten a few days too long.

Well, we don’t have a dog, but we have chickens.  Not only do they bless us with beautiful eggs, but they are more than happy to eat our kitchen scraps.  It’s a very good living arrangement, and another reason we’ve cozied up to farm life.


chicken treats: one man's trash is another's treasure


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