Deer Hunting (by oldest boy, 12)

This weekend I went deer hunting for the first time.  I went with my dad and another boy and his dad from my Boy Scout troop.  I got ready by getting my long- johns on, my clothes, socks, snow pants, and boots.  Lastly, I got my coat.  Then I was ready.

We hiked to the perfect spot–not too far, not too close, well-hidden, and a good place to get a good shot.  We built a blind ( a place to hide) out of snow and waited for an hour or two.

Some people are against hunting, but it is helpful to the environment to hunt deer because in the winter there is not enough food for all of them so many starve and can spread disease.

We saw four deer but they were not in a good spot for us to shoot, and soon ran off.  I did not shoot any deer that day but I’ll try again.  Maybe soon I will be able to finally shoot my own deer.


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