A Bit of Heaven on Earth

I’m still reeling from a class I took at our parish on Sunday night. It’s a four-week series on the Sacred Liturgy of the Traditional Latin Mass, but that wasn’t what got me.

At the end of the class, the assistant pastor (our instructor) said we would close with a prayer and a blessing.  Immediately, everyone there, young and old alike (an estimated 30 people), got out of their chairs and fell to their knees. I was in complete awe and respect for the beautiful people of our parish. To think that at many other parishes we’ve been to, it is commonplace to see people remain standing at the back of the church even during the Consecration.  The Consecration wasn’t occurring at this moment, nor was the Blessed Sacrament in the room, but these inspirational people demonstrate time and time again an incredible reverence for the Eucharist of course, but also for the sacredness of prayer and the power of the priestly blessing.  It really was an amazing sight.

I thank the Lord for the gift of the traditional Latin Mass in our town.  It has strengthened my faith and lifted my eyes even higher to heaven.


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