Praying That Common Sense Prevails

Please keep the Philippines in your prayers as the country teeters on the edge of legalizing contraception and instituting sex-education for children at school.


The Catholic bishops of the Philippines have endorsed a campaign of civil disobedience against aggressive family-planning legislation that is due to go into effect in February.

“We, together with our priests, are willing to go to jail to protest this immoral action,” said Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorgoson.

Bishop Nereo Odchimar of Tandag, the president of the bishops’ conference, has written a pastoral letter urging public opposition to the new legislation. Although he says that the faithful must choose for themselves whether or not to join in public protests, the AsiaNews service reports that the Filipino bishops are united in a willingness to challenge the law.

The new legislation, which is subject to final legislative approval this month, allows for the sale of abortifacient pills, promotes family-planning programs in schools, and offers no conscience protection for health-care workers.

(Link to original here.)

And another link from Michael Voris, here.

The aggressive tactics of groups like Planned Parenthood along with the glamour of western culture, hopefully won’t win out over the country’s deep Catholic roots and sheer common sense.  Amidst the insidious and well-orchestrated move here in the U.S. to provide children with sex-education and even contraception, the number of sexually active children and the birth-rate and the STD rate among them have all sky-rocketed.  Surely, such a startling fact isn’t being glossed over.  Can anyone rationally argue that contraception and sex-ed in the classroom have shown themselves to be an effective solution to any problem?


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