We Give Thee Thanks

O Gracious God, we give you thanks for your overflowing generosity to us. Thank you for the blessings of the food we eat and especially for this feast today. Thank you for our home and family and friends, especially for the presence of those gathered here. Thank you for our health, our work and our play. Please send help to those who are hungry, alone, sick and suffering war and violence. Open our hearts to your love. We ask your blessing through Christ your son.  Amen.  

Thanksgiving Table Prayer from Celebrating Faith:  Year-round Activities for Catholic Families, by Mary Cronk Farrell


Thanksgiving evokes idyllic images of friends and family gathered around a beautifully dressed table overflowing with bounty.  My family is blessed to live that image every year .  Actually, with my in-laws in the same town, almost every Sunday is like Thanksgiving when we head to their house for dinner.  

Yes, we live a very blessed life.

I don’t mean to sound boastful.  It’s a recognition of God and his abundant goodness.

And we’ve all been blessed.  Not just my family, all of us.  If you’re alive, you’ve been blessed in some way.

But just recognizing the goodness isn’t enough.  The  more we’ve been given, the greater our responsibility:  a responsibility to care, to give, to love…to be Christ to those in our lives.

In recognizing the great many blessings our family has received, I am painfully aware of what is expected of us.  Painfully, because I know us.  There’s no way we could ever live up to that expectation or repay what’s been given.  And God knows that too.

So what does He do?  It defies human thinking.  He showers us with more goodness:  His grace.  We don’t deserve it, but we need it.  It’s a gift that is offered  to all.  He loves beyond comprehension.  

That gives everyone reason to be thankful, no matter how we spend Thanksgiving Day.

May we all continue to be blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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