Winter White

We awoke Saturday morning to the first real snow of the season.  And today, the sun, not to be outdone, broke through the clouds dispersing rays of light to illuminate the beauty of God ‘s handiwork.

Though I don’t know a thing about taking a proper photograph, the collaboration of snow and sunshine was more than enough to entice an amateur with a point & shoot camera to venture out and attempt to capture the beauty.  Nature made good on its promise to do all the work.

We were welcomed by outstretched branches of frosty white which mimicked an explosion of fireworks splayed against a winter blue sky.

Gentle rays of sunshine were just warm enough to melt away any lingering snow on the streets.  This left a fitting stage for nature’s main characters to model their winter white best.

The sun, emboldened by its accomplishments, was determined to persuade the trees to bare themselves even more.

Such boastful acts of sunshine are resulting in an unbelievably pleasant winter in our little corner of the world.


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