Construction Zone

We can’t help ourselves.  And maybe I should just accept that.  Remodeling, that is.  We’re at it again.

master bath addition

We planned on being displaced from our home for about a week after the house move, but it looks like we’ll be waiting another three four weeks.

I’m well aware that construction schedules never go as planned, but I’m also realizing that when it comes to home improvement, hubby and I do a lot of this to ourselves.

Home Away From Home: staying in our finished barn space

We like to bite the bullet.  We’d rather take our lumps of inconvenience and difficulty all at once rather than settle in for a while knowing that we’ll have to uproot (and clean up the aftermath!) again.

Case in point:  A master bedroom bathroom addition and a new fireplace were improvements we had planned to undertake at some point in the future, but without any urgency.  However, the once pristine white carpet which welcomed us when we first moved in (and now has its territorial boundaries marked with popsicle drippings and faded chocolate (?) stains) has become a completely helpless cause against countless muddy construction boots and drywall dust.  No matter how much we steam clean and vacuum, the drywall dust won’t be completely removed, and I really don’t want the kids (especially our asthmatic) laying on what amounts to a giant dust rag.  Hubby understandably doesn’t want to replace the flooring if we still have remodeling projects in the works.  So here we are again, feeling like we need to bite the bullet and tackle the remodel head on to “Git ‘er done”.

Did someone say “clown car”?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’ve been sucked up by the home improvement vortex, especially knowing that the house we’re remodeling probably won’t be our residence for too much longer.  But I think about the higher purpose that we have in mind for this house– a space for family to stay when they visit, a retreat house for priests, a weekend getaway for friends, a place to live for family in need–and I can more readily accept the short-term inconveniences.  In fact, if this house is used to its potential, the annoyances of being displaced will hardly be remembered as we happily welcome dear family and friends and invite them to stay a while.  

I’m just hoping I can keep that in the forefront as we trudge through these next few weeks.


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