Pretty Feet

Oh the delight of having a little girl!  But I debated about this one.  I really did.

I rarely give myself a manicure or pedicure, but the wedding was a special occasion, so I painted my toenails (and a few days later indulged in a manicure with the bridal party).

Little Miss Two, pointing at my feet, noticed right away, “What’s that, Mom?” 

Mother “Oh, I painted my toenails.”

Little Girl “Why?”

Mother “So they’ll look pretty for the wedding.”

Long pause.  Debate with self:  Do I really want to introduce my sweet girl to this kind of pampering at such a young age?  Sure there are much bigger things to worry about (trust me, I worry about those too.), but I really don’t want to encourage vanity.  Oh…it’s a special occasion…why not?

Mother “Do you want me to paint your toenails too?”

Little Girl smiles, “Yes!”

And it was a most heartwarming time for me.

first pedicure

So now the wedding festivities are over, but the female tendency towards beauty remains:

thankfully it’s only water-based paint.

And you should have seen her finger nails too.  She rubbed a lot of it off before I could get a picture.

I’m desperately hoping she doesn’t get any thoughts about cutting her own hair.

My little girl.  I love her so.


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