Lesson #76 of Farm Living

Although I haven’t compiled a list yet, I’m quite certain that in the 76 weeks since we moved out to the country, we’ve learned at least one new lesson about farm living each week.  This week’s lesson:  padlock all cattle gates.

Otherwise, you may find a situation like this:

Though it might not seem like it, having the cows in our pond was a much better situation than what had just transpired moments before these pictures were taken.  When the cows first made their escape, they  found their way to a small subdivision down the road, and then meandered into a forested acreage.  K and the boys were out looking for the cows for hours, walking miles in the horribly hot (over 100 degrees), sticky outdoors.

It’s the not-always-idyllic-but-never-boring life with farm animals.  I can’t can wait to see what lesson is up next.


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