Minding My Business

This letter has been on my mind all day.  

I’m not by any means advocating the use of intimidation, but this guy presents a very real picture of what businesses may be forced to do depending on who we elect in the upcoming election.  Regardless of his style, I can relate to his perspective on the matter.

All Americans have the opportunity to start their own business, if we want to.  It’s a huge part of what makes this country so great.

My husband has always owned his own business.  Currently, he runs/owns a small company with his business partner of 10 years.  The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in his veins.  He and his business partner (and my cousin who also started his own company and spent years getting it off the ground) are the hardest working overachievers I have ever met.  Through all the years of owning his own company, my husband and I have come to realize that in order to be successful, he can’t quit work at 5 p.m. like most other people.  Though it’s not as frequent as it used to be, it’s not uncommon to find my husband working in his basement office at 2 or 3 in the morning, even after having worked the normal eight-hour day.

I have a feeling that most successful business owners work this hard.

Certainly many who’ve started a business have had the benefit of being helped in one way or another as they’ve worked to attain their goal, but to discount the incredible risks that they take on themselves, to minimize their own talents and drive, and to ignore the huge sacrifices they make in their personal lives, lacks true understanding of what it takes when people invest their blood, sweat, and tears to realize a dream.  Penalizing these people who contribute taxes, jobs, and services to our society, and making them out to be villains is a campaign smear-of-sorts in its own right.  And clearly such attacks are fertile ground for sowing resentment.

In the end, this is the rant of a frustrated wife.  My heart belongs to a man who gives unceasingly to provide for our family and who works more hours than he sleeps to run a business which ultimately serves the best interest of our society.  The put-downs, unfair taxes, and the unending mire of regulations can easily be construed as attempts to cap success. I hope and pray we can elect a leader who appreciates and encourages citizens’ efforts to work hard through the policies he supports and puts in motion.  

While I don’t intend to make politics the main topic of my blog posts over the next month, there are certainly a number of hot-button topics for us this election.  So readers be warned.  My political angst just might rear its ugly head again (and again) until this is all over.


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