A dear friend of ours turns 50 next month.

The occasion begged for a surprise party, so the hubs and I, along with the Birthday Girl’s husband, teamed up to throw her one this past weekend.

Realizing that, because of his work schedule, Birthday Girl’s husband only had three free evenings for the next four weeks, we decided just a week before to see if we could pull off a last minute shindig.

Sometimes last minute plans come together much easier than events that are planned long beforehand.  This was one of those times.  And in hindsight, the short planning time was much easier on my nerves.  For one, less time to over-think and over-do.  For another, less time to worry about an accidental slip of the tongue.

Amazingly, 12 of the 14 invited couples were able to be there.  It was a great evening.  Everyone had a really nice time, and most importantly the surprised guest-of-honor loved it.


It was fun doing all the party prep work, and even more fun watching the birthday girl being showered with love and affection.  Surprise parties are so much fun!…

…as long as it’s not for me.  As much fun as I had organizing the surprise, I don’t like the idea of being “The Suprised”.  I know there are others like me too, and I would never want to put them in a situation they find uncomfortable.  Is it the introvert in me?  My need to be in control?  Probably some of both.  My husband has been clearly instructed:  Your own wife does not, (repeat:  DOES NOT) ever want a surprise party.  Ever.  I mean it.


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