Rogation Days

Wednesday was the last Rogation Day of this liturgical year.  It’s that special time to offer penance and prayer to God for his protection and blessing upon the harvest.  We were honored, once again, to host the first of  three Rogation Days for our parish this past Monday.  The evening began with a procession around the farm grounds while praying to the saints.  Holy Mass followed, and finally a potluck feast.  

The cold and rainy gray days that preceded, had us wondering if the we would really have the nice day that the forecasts predicted.  The Lord, in His Goodness, was abundant in his outpouring of sunshine.  The following two days were damp and gray in the morning as well, and cleared nicely by the start of the Rogation festivities.

It was a touching sight to see so many from church who took time out to join us in prayer.  As one of our guests so beautifully commented the next day, ”  Surely Our Lord walked with us then, given the event’s joyful sweet peace.”  

Deo Gratias!


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