Switching Gears for Spring

It’s a month or so behind schedule, but I think Spring is finally here.  Our allergies have subsided too, so we can get on with the business of enjoying the great outdoors before the hot, sticky days of summer arrive.

even the geese come out to play

even the geese come out to play

goose down which the geese have shed in anticipation of the warmer weather–incredibly soft, light, and warm. Your palms get sweaty after holding it for just a few seconds. 

new baby chicks

We’ve had quite a few rainy days these last couple of weeks, so I’m making sure the kids maximize their outdoor play time on the dry days.  Not an easy task when they’re coming off their main winter staple of entertainment–video games.

Don’t even get me started.


But they’re loving it.  They might not admit it, but these pictures don’t lie.

Being outdoors is much better for young sprouts than wasting away in front of a screen.


They’ll have plenty of time to do that when they’re older.  When the lure of e-mail, daily news, and blogging tempt them daily.

Like I said, don’t even get me started.


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