On Prayer

I found this unexpected gem of a quote while reading an article on the current IRS scandal.  Don’t think I’m getting all political on you.  It’s a quote about prayer.  And a very well-stated quote, I might add.

There’s a certain impression that non prayer-ers have about those who do pray.  Somehow, the idea of prayer and religion is associated with those who perceive themselves as holy and self-righteous.  While there may be some of those types in the mix, it’s unfortunate that the misuse of something so sacred has turned so many away from God.  Those who have had real and heartfelt prayer encounters, will surely relate:

Prayer, by its very character and definition, is a highly personal, private, and even intimate activity. Prayer may once in a while find us at our boldest and most audacious. But much more typically, it exposes us at our weakest, most vulnerable, and unattractive moments.

Prayer is for beggars. It is for needy down-and-outers. Very often, it is for the desperate—those who are so far gone they can’t think of any alternative. That’s why they’re praying in the first place.
– Joel Belz, World Magazine

If you’d like to read the article, IRS scandal and all, you can find it here.


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